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Chris Hires - DJ + Producer + Music Supervisor

DJ + Producer + Music Supervisor

Chris Recommends: Hiss Golden Messenger - Lateness Of Dancers

Chris Hires

Listening to Lateness Of Dancers, I can't help but think that it sounds a little bit like The War On Drugs, processed through a Nashville filter. I get little echoes of Music From Big Pink now and then as well. Mr. William Tyler, a long-time favorite of mine, also contributes some guitar sounds to the recording. All of those elements combine for a nice bit of Americana that sounds just as nice on a lazy Sunday afternoon as it does during a long drive.

Hiss Golden Messenger - Lateness Of Dancers (Spotify)

Fucking Around At Home #1

Chris Hires

This was one of those days where things just weren't going my way, and despite my best efforts, I just couldn't seem to get lined up with the rest of the universe. I kept having to remind myself that desire is the root of all suffering, or, as Mick so eloquently put it: "You can't always get what you want." So, to balance myself out a little, I decided to mix together some house records, and this is what it sounded like.

This mix was, for the most part, recorded live and extemporaneously, so there are a couple hard left turns and wabi sabi moments - just go with it.

Track List:
Stimming - Window Shopping
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Runaway Remix)
DJ Steef - Insided (Jad & The Ladyboy Remix)
Daft Punk - Around The World (Masters At Work Remix)
Omar S - Set It Out
Kornel Kovacs - Szikra
David Clement - Follow Me Home (Lee Jones' '89 Remix)
Lil Louis & The World - Club Lonely (Marcos Cabral Edit)
Munk - Southern Moon feat. Lizzie Paige (HNNY Remix)
Kris Wadsworth - Fan Mail
Cliff Martinez - My Name On A Car
Seelenluft - Manila (Ewan Pearson Remix)
Caribou - Can't Do With Out You (Extended Version)

Chris Recommends: Mark E - Product Of Industry

Chris Hires

Like you, friend, I am eternally wary of the dance music LP. All too often, the LP ends up being a collection of too many singles that should have just been mixed in the first place. Dance floor bangers, out of context, with full intros and outros, make for difficult listening. This Mark E LP, though, manages to get it right. Mark E has always been a master of low-slung deep cuts, though, so maybe it shouldn't be surprising that he crafted a full-length for Ghostly International that, for the most part, works much better at home than it does in a club. This same kind of deep, introspective dance music is what I was targeting with the Waxing Gibbous mix, and I probably could have just strung together 12 Mark E tracks and called it a day (and in fact, the second track on that mix is from one of Mark's aliases), but then again, what's the fun in that? Above, one of my favorite cuts from the record.