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Chris Hires - DJ + Producer + Music Supervisor

DJ + Producer + Music Supervisor

Chris Recommends: Under The Skin

Chris Hires

Finally got a chance to catch this at The Belcourt a couple nights ago. It's a weird one, but if you're into cerebral, understated sci-fi films like Upstream Color - and I definitely am - this will be up your alley. It left me with a lot of unanswered questions (wtf is going on with the guy on the motorcycle?), and I get the impression that the film only improves with repeat viewings.

Under The Skin (Official Site)

Chris Recommends: Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You)

Chris Hires

Once again, late to the party, but I'm basically obsessed with this. The song is amazing on its own, but the performance on Letterman is the kind of thing that sticks to your brain in the best way - melismatic sadness at its finest. "I'll take all of that you got."

Chris Recommends: High Maintenance

Chris Hires

(This clip is a little NSFW, so chill if your boss is around)

Can't help but feel like I'm late to the party on this one, but I'm basically obsessed with this. It's hysterical and poignant, and above all, it makes me miss NYC to an unbearable degree. The first episode is above, but you can see all of them here. If you like it as much as I do, perhaps you would like to buy a magnetic bag of fake weed?

High Maintenance // Twitter // Facebook

Chris Recommends: Ghost Culture - Giudecca

Chris Hires

Errol Alkan's label, Phantasy, has been around for a minute - in fact, I recall writing reviews for some of their first releases when I worked at Turntable Lab, which feels like ages ago now - but as of late, it seems like all they can do is release records that I keep on repeat. First, Daniel Avery's fantastic Drone Logic LP came out last year, and now they've gone and teased us with this Ghost Culture edit. The xanaxed-out vocal lines are pretty dang catchy, but it's the massive bass chords that come in at about 0:58 on this clip that send me over the edge. Larry Fitzmaurice summed it up quite nicely, describing it as "melodic, creeping house music that sounds as if it were dipped in a vat of syrup." The vinyl's out on Feb. 24 (pre-order here), and then it'll be digital on March 10th.

Chris Recommends: Perez - Le Prince Noir (Pilooski Remix)

Chris Hires


More dance music, as I continue to catch up on the things I missed last year. I heard this via Tim Sweeney's always-essential best-of 2013 episode for Beats In Space a few weeks ago, and its been lodged in my brain ever since. Pilooski does some top-notch work here, stripping the track down to its bare bones and adding some playful synth flourishes - the track just begs to be played at in a dark, cavernous room. As a bonus, Mr. Perez (who used to be the front man of the confusingly-named band Adam Kesher) has found it in his heart to give away a free .WAV of the track via his Soundcloud page. I've been making very slow progress with Duolingo, so I'm afraid I can't tell you what any of the lyrics are.